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Justice Grants Program

NH Bar Foundation grants help protect our most vulnerable from harm.

Justice Grants Program

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Apply for 2018 Justice Grants

The Bar Foundation is accepting applications for Justice Grants until 4 p.m. Feb. 16, 2018.

Our donors value the promise of equal justice for all and seek to improve the administration of justice in New Hampshire. Some grants are made for community education about the law. Grants are available for project startup costs, planning or research or to stabilize new programs but not for ongoing operations.

See the Justice Grant Application packet for details.

The NH Bar Foundation program broadens the NH Bar Foundation's mission of strengthening the system of justice in New Hampshire by funding efforts to encourage innovation in the administration of justice, provide community education about the law and improve access to the legal system.

Justice Grant applications are accepted biennially (even-numbered years) from New Hampshire nonprofit organizations and/or programs that:

  1. Envision new ways to create equal justice for all people.
  2. Develop concrete innovations in the delivery of legal services, court operations, legal education or in other justice related areas.
  3. Address legal needs or projects which are important in a democratic society but that may go against public or political sentiment.
  4. Bring together diverse resources and people to find solutions to justice related problems.
  5. Build public confidence in the justice system.

Justice Grants are usually available for start-up costs, planning and research, or for funding to help stabilize new programs, but not for ongoing operational support. Justice Grants are funded by donor-supported Justice Funds; some of which are broad in scope and other have specific, designated purposes. Please review the Justice Funds for additional information.

For more information, please call 603-715-3210 or email



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